Sunshine Award!

sunshineaward_sm1Sometimes surprises arrive when you least expect it.

Just now I commented on dear Tink’s blog post on her receipt of the Sunshine Award, sending the comment and only then reading the entire blog post. That’s when I caught sight of my own nomination for the award (which is in fact the actual receipt if the award and not just a nomination).

After a bit of online digging I found out that the Sunshine Blog award is an award given to bloggers, by other bloggers. It is given to “bloggers who are positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”.

As with all WordPress awards there are some rules attached to accepting it so here we go:
Ψ Post the Sunshine Award logo
Ψ Then nominate 10 fellow bloggers you feel are worthy of this award
Ψ Announce their nomination on their blog
Ψ Plus, link a ping-back to the nominator’s blog

Questions for all nominees:
Ψ Favourite colour?
Ψ Favourite animal? Wolves and dogs
Ψ Favourite number? Hhmm… difficult question when you’re not fond of them :D
Ψ Favourite non-alcoholic drink? Coffee, water
Ψ Favourite alcoholic drink? Don’t drink alcohol :)
Ψ Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. What did I do with my time before I discovered it 5 years ago? :)
Ψ My Passions? Lobbying for MS or disability related issues in Ireland; writing; reading; nature; photography; history
Ψ Giving or Receiving Gifts? Giving. Absolutely!

My 10 nominees are…

Go on, check out these blogs, you know you want to! :D

For more on this, please also check these blogs:

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  4. Thank you so much for the nomination! I really appreciate the thought. Unfortunately, I’ve already received the award not so long ago, so let me just say this: Congratulations for the award, you deserve it! Keep writing and fighting for the cause you believe in. :)

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  6. Tink says:

    Billie, I love your blog! It’s always full of happiness, hope, and much needed MS information, that I appreciate so much! You deserve this award and more! Thank you :)

    • Billie says:

      Thank you so much Debbie! When I started this blog, I wondered if I would ever be able to put hope and optimism in it, but when people do find this here, it makes me the happiest person alive. I met fantastic people on WordPress and I always look forward to reading other people’s work. Thanks again so! :D

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