Slowing down

A friend sent me this picture this evening as a reminder that I need to take a step back from writing, reading, advocating and generally helping others so I can “get better” again.

We all know people with MS do not “get better” but I understood his reasoning… I need to sleep more,  relax more and stop running around like a crazy chick (also his words, not mine :))

It has been a mad few months really.  Stepping up my writing for the Ireland Blog Awards (being nominated and then shortlisted has finally started sinking in), going away for the MS National Day in Galway (stress about public speaking!), starting a writing course (not done a dicky-bird yet!), having to travel abroad because of the passing away of my uncle, general house-related stress (suddenly everything started breaking down), advocating better neurological services before the 2014 Budget announcement by the Irish government etc etc etc…

I. Need. A. Break…


With my mind tired like hell, a body yelling for hour-long massages every day and the need to be served by a Downton Abbey-style valet or butler (even though I much prefer the Tom Branson character), I do feel it’s time to take a step back before I end up on steroid treatment again. When even being exhausted gets too tiring, it’s time to listen to your body.

Knowing my previous “stepping back from writing” attempts only resulted in even more writing, I will be back soon enough to harass everyone’s mailboxes.

In the meantime, I sincerely want to thank the 19,123 visits and 621 followers who found their way to my blog,  you’re the best crowd anyone could ever ask for.© WVE and Ireland, MS and Me, 2011-2013. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to WVE and Ireland, MS and Me with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


  1. Billie says:

    Kind of managing; no plans at all between today and 7 days time so rest, sleep and relaxation will be part of my schedule. Lots of sports on TV this weekend so it’s a good start. And many happy returns Jean, I hope you will have a great day!


    • Billie says:

      Same here Colleen, I tend to do much more than my body can handle, and then I run into myself and that wall of fatigue that knocks me out big time. That’s why I had to say “stop, rest, sleep and relax” a few days ago. Still busy with doing MS-related stuff like helping research projects and advocating disability rights but right now I really need to take a step back from all that. Sleeping until lunchtime is so not me, yet I did so today :D)


    • Billie says:

      Exactly, and come back all guns blazing and ready to go again for a while :) And thank you, I truly appreciate people understanding so much!


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