Blogging anniversary!

new headerBlogging 3 years today.

283 posts.

36000 hits.


1 Blog Awards Ireland 2013 nomination.

1 Blog Awards Ireland 2013 shortlisted in the Best Personal Blog category.

Thank you!

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    • Billie says:

      Thank you so much Su! I’m happy to hear that you like my blog, and love your words! I hope that one day, you might feel comfortable talking about it. Writing is very good to help with such things and is often used as a way of helping people deal with diagnoses. Nobody has to read it if you don’t want it, of course. Look after yourself xxx


      • Thank you Billie, I really appreciate that. I’m vaccine damaged, the MS is just part of it, myself and my colleagues had to have an occupational vaccine and boom, hit by so many nasty things inc MS. it’s not that I can’t talk about it, it’s just that so many people have walked out of my life, I guess it’s just overwhelming so I tend not to speak about it, I bottle it all up and just have a good cry when I’m alone but I cope, alone but I cope pretty well. Oh don’t I sound a cheerful soul ha ha, sorry. Su x


        • Billie says:

          It’s my pleasure Su, and please, never think that you are alone even when so many other people walked out of your life. There are so many people out there willing to listen and talk. In my case, it might take a while before I reply to emails or comments, but that’s because I can’t sit at my laptop hours on end because of my eye pain. That said, I’m glad to hear you cope well on your own but just know that you are not on your own.

          I also totally understand when you say that so many people walked out of your life because THEY couldn’t handle YOUR illness. If that was their reasoning, do they really not ask themselves how you handle your illness, then? Well hello! The arrogance some people display, judging you on things they have no clue about at all, that is what shocked me most of all. And of course, it’s the people nearest to you that hurt you the most. Walk a mile in my shoes, is what I would tell them. Walk in them for a few weeks, and then tell me how a) they coped and b) how well I cope. I think a few apologies will follow then :D


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