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Positive MS News: February 2015

Image research

Time flies, as we’re once again nearing the end of February. It’s been an attention-grabbing month, with several positive news stories about treatment and also, about a rather interesting collaboration between Google and Biogen Idec.

First of all though, I wanted to add a link displaying how many clinical trials are ongoing as we speak. So dig in, and feel a little bit happier knowing that each day, a lot of people are seeking and working towards better treatment.

Additionally, I added two new categories to the list, news about MS Organisations and Diet also.


  1. Data Visualization Displays 142 Ongoing MS Clinical Trials
  2. MURDOCK study confirms Google partnership
  3. Google, Biogen Seek Reasons for Advance of Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Google Inc (GOOG) And Biogen Idec Inc Join Hands For Multiple Sclerosis Research
  5. Google, Biogen will use wearable sensors to study multiple sclerosis
  6. Google, Biogen Idec Unite to Bring New Research to Multiple Sclerosis

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The miseducation of…

2a368fe3a25dc33b8327e836159894ecIt’s all been a bit crazy since that first day of the New Year came peeking from behind that cold, frosty door. It’s now an icy, jaded Saturday morning in the north-west of Dublin, and the RBS Six Nations rugby tournament just started.

Utter bliss so. Red cheeks from absolute delight.

On Monday, I have a new appointment with my neurologist, and with two separate eye doctors in hospital a few days later. Somebody should let me hire a very fancy suite in the hospital, as there’s no point going home and back again twice afterwards, especially since my energy supply is limited.

Am I dreading my neurological check-up? In a way, yes. After 8ish years on my DMD (Disease Modifying Drugs) Copaxone, it just doesn’t work anymore. The four-month relapse last year was proof enough. The idea of relapsing again is a scary one indeed, so I aim to find the right words and ask for an upgrade of my therapy. Continue reading

Positive MS News: January 2015


The first month of 2015 has come and (almost) gone again. With that, it’s full steam ahead in the field of MS research, clinical trials, business news and interesting, general newsworthy bits and pieces.

This month, the highlight was the news about MS and stem cell treatment, providing a decent outlook for those looking for alternative treatment. I’ll keep following this news throughout the year, and in the meantime, check out the Highlight! section where the news was published, with usual news stories further down this web page. Continue reading

10 Powerful Lessons I’ve Learned in 2014

New Year’s resolutions are about looking forward to 2015, but I want to stand still for a few minutes to look back at 2014. Many positive things happened on the writing front, but sadly, as Isaac Newton’s third law of motion goes, I ended up with a four-month relapse. Action and reaction played out in perfect unison, so.

After a very relaxed Irish Christmas and New Year’s holiday, 2015 is off to a great start. Determined not to let 2014 end in utter silence, the following 10 lessons can perhaps be a guide for this year also.

If people can’t handle you at your worst…
‘Normal’ life without a chronic, neurodegenerative illness can be hectic enough. However, if you have an illness that causes a progressive loss of neurological functions, life becomes truly demanding and gargantuan. So stand up for yourself, and quote Marilyn Monroe if need be, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.”  I’ve come to live by that maxim, and it’s empowering once you know you deserve better people in your life. Continue reading

Dream, Think, Believe, Dare, Do!

live live imageTo say that life can be funny is, well… funny by any stretch of the imagination. Time is just flying by without it taking notice of those who want to enjoy it that little bit more, or live it that little bit longer. And as I get older, I am trying to cram as many experiences into one day as possible, or even in one year.

There are personal goals that need to be met, articles that need to be shaped into something clear, concise and uplifting, and if possible, new connections to be made. No man’s an island, and as waves come and go, so do we. Continue reading

Positive MS News: December 2014

Image of medication

Well it was a busy December, in more ways than one. I hope you all had a great Christmas and wish you the best for 2015.

From the amount of research and clinical news we keep hearing about month after month, I can only be optimistic for the future. A cure will not happen tomorrow, next year or even in five years, but we’re edging closer to more relief. My wish is that all those people with primary and secondary MS will be receive better treatment options than they now have. Continue reading

#FestifyMS your desk Christmas appeal

Image Festify MS Ireland

You might think, “Not another picture about MS!?”

You’re right. It is another picture about MS. This one however, is different.

I hope that after reading this article, you will have learned how the Irish MS society (also called MS Ireland), is able to provide hope where there’s none, not only through utter commitment and hard work, but also with quiet strength. Continue reading

Managing fatigue

Dr Anita Rose is a Consultant Neuropsychologist who works across the globe. She created a list on how to manage MS fatigue and this is something to live by. Dr Rose is well-known for her clinical work, research and consultancy to different MS groups, i.e. the MS Society of South Africa (Western Cape) as well as in European groups. She travels the world speaking of patient, as well as health professional empowerment.

Fatigue is not only a debilitating symptom of MS; it also is the most common symptom. Those living with it speak of it in various strength and terms, and only have one hope: to one day be relieved of a symptom that upsets daily routines and causes people to retire from work.

Managing fatigue top tips, by doctor and author Anita Rose

Always remember you should never accept fatigue as an inevitable consequence of MS! Continue reading

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