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That thing people call ‘summer’

Poll results: heat sensitivity

2012 Poll results on how heat sensitivity affects people with MS

It’s here.

It’s back.

It’s demanding.

It’s Dante’s über-hellish Inferno anno 2015.

And I wish it was autumn already.

What? The thing that drained me so completely today that I never felt this depleted.

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Positive MS News: June 2015


There’s only one topic in the Highlight! part of the good news list this month. In my view, more private firms should be involved in clinical research, sponsorships of medical institutions etc. In essence, it’s in everyone’s best interests, i.e. everyone’s health, theirs included.

What’s your view on this? Answer below!


  1. Google X is developing a wearable for clinical research


  1. Grey matter atrophy in the thoracic spinal cord is associated with disability in patients with multiple sclerosis http://www.nature.com/nrneurol/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nrneurol.2015.113.html
  2. MedDay Reveals Promising Data on Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Therapy
  3. Biotin benefits ‘clinically relevant’ in progressive multiple sclerosis
  4. Researchers Offer New Insights into the Link Between Multiple Sclerosis and Specific Autoantibodies
  5. Brevard ophthalmologist: Multiple sclerosis affects vision
  6. Nanometric sensor designed to detect herbicides can help diagnose multiple sclerosis
  7. Protein That Clears Brain of Debris May Be Link to Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease …
  8. New risk gene that triggers multiple sclerosis
  9. Multiple sclerosis: A clinically useful genetic variant in multiple sclerosis?
  10. Gene variants linked to MS disrupt key regulator of inflammation
  11. Scientists Discover A New Link Between The Brain And The Immune System
  12. Innate Lymphoid Cell Identified As Cause of Multiple Sclerosis Gender Differences
  13. Carriers of Genetic Mutation at 1.7 Times Greater Risk for Multiple Sclerosis
  14. Multiple Sclerosis Patients Have Less Vascular Comorbidities
  15. Comorbidities in Multiple Sclerosis May Influence Pain
  16. Resetting the Immune System may halt Multiple Sclerosis progression
  17. Landmark Study Finds Previously Unknown Link Between The Brain And Immune System

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Multiple Sclerosis: The First F____ed Fortnight


A very beautifully written post by my friend Emma, who goes over her first few hours and days after her MS diagnosis.

“There’s no doubt, it has been raw, it has been ugly with cursing and swearing, lost relationships dodgy decisions. But I everyday I make peace with myself, I give thanks that I have another moment to live. Because there were times when I didn’t see any hope. I was soaked in blood, sweat and the tears of a thousand years.” (Republic of Emma)

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Originally posted on Republic of Emma:

The early days are the most ‘challenging’ as in it is like a dirty dangerous whirlwind where emotions, words and all sense of self goes whizzing around. The day I walked into Mullingar Accident and Emergency room, I was wearing my jeans and a t-shirt that had seen better days. Two weeks later, not only was that t-shirt gone, the Emma who walked into A&E had disappeared, stepped into a bizarre place of chronic illness and dis-ease.


Multiple sclerosis- multiple scars? I had brain damage? Those fifteen seconds, when those words went from the consultant’s mouth to my ears, a little part of me died… I picked up the pieces of my broken heart but I still think of old Emma sitting on the edge of the hospital bed and the new Emma, getting up and stumbling, in a post-traumatic shock way, into a new life, a new way of…

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Medical terminology?

Image terminology

Click image to view Medical Dictionary

One of the many issues ill people struggle with, is trying to explain how or what their clinical symptoms feel like. Vice versa, and after another round of being a guinea pig during clinical excellence exams for already established doctors, it was clear that many people request non-medical terminology from their doctors also. Continue reading

MS Ireland: Hope & Empowerment

0480eb81-cea2-43aa-a6ba-7e028db14c361It’s not the first time I sit back at night and go over past moments that left me inspired and willed me forward to do more, much more.

As societies go, there’s a lot of goodwill in MS Ireland, our national MS society. There are also hard facts that tell you that this is a group of outstanding people working towards one goal only: to significantly improve the lives of those living with multiple sclerosis, including their families. Continue reading

Healthy eating

Eating a balanced diet can be a tricky thing sometimes, especially when temptation is everywhere. I often tell myself, ‘Ah but I’m already doing so much for my health by using my own ‘everything-in-moderation’ diet. Since I don’t consume alcohol or other legal and illegal highs, I something think I am allowed at least a tiny dessert… as long as it’s not ice cream.

So yes…


Time so to check out the image below and learn what healthy eating should be like. Continue reading

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